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Four Paws Dog Grooming 
& Training Academy
Tel: 01376 323899
“ The BIGGEST Dog Grooming Salon in Braintree”

My name is Emma Gooding 33 years old and I am the proud owner of Four Paws Dog Grooming.

I first started out dog grooming at a veterinary surgery in Colchester back in 1999 when I first left secondary school and stayed there for one and a half years as a trainee. A few years later I then completed a course in dog grooming by gaining my diploma. Since then I have worked in dog grooming salons with a very high reputation gaining 14 years worth of experience in total.

I am a mother of two beautiful girls and own a Siberian Husky called Neeko, Daisy a rescued Jack Russell cross Springer Spaniel, Pebbles our Toy Poodle  and 2 cats.

At Four Paws Dog Grooming I always like to take on board customers suggestions on ways to make sure that both you and your companion  are satisfied and getting the full five star service you deserve.

I like to be creative and am passionate about making the salon homely, your pet is our friend too and we enjoy making sure that we get to have some playtime  and cuddles before going home.

Due to a high success rate and customer requests I have now made a free visual health check as part of the grooming process, our customers have been thrilled as we have now managed to help save dogs lives however we cannot diagnose anything, we can only advise of veterinary attention if needed, please note that this is not a substitute for a veterinary check up..

My name is Chris Rowell aged 35 Years old I also own Four Paws Dog Grooming Salon with Emma. Chris used to work within the financial industry in London until he met Emma and they both decided to open up a pet related business that they would both love and enjoy doing as an occupation. Chris is our Assistant groomer who is also qualified in general dog obedience. Having a dog trainer on board is fantastic, it allows us to help advise customers on any current issues the dog may have and also Chris can help the groomers when a dog is becoming unsettled. He really is the animal whisperer!

My name is Jasmin Stirling and I have been brought up around dogs my whole life I couldn't spend a day without them. I I started grooming at the age of 16  and trained in Wickford, Essex. Not long after I went straight into setting up my own business.  have 4 pugs I couldn't be without called Daisy Mae, Daisy, Ollie and Babybell. In my spare time I like to go to vintage fairs, dog shows and have an addiction with buying anything with a pug on.

My name is Terri Cotton and I am aged 17, I have always had a love for animals so when I left school I had a feeling that I would be working alongside them. It wasn't until I started work experience at Four Paws that I realised how rewarding it was and It was something I have now grown to love. I am currently working at Four Paws as a groomers assistant and soon hope to have an apprentiship in dog grooming. I have 3 dogs, Bonnie a German Shepherd, Clyde a Shihtzu and Lexi a Shihtzu. In my spare time I like to spend time with friends and dog fairs.